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Bulk SMS Services

Kapsystem is a Bulk SMS Service Provider Company offering comprehensive and personalized messaging platform. We also deal in services like Bulk SMS Service, Bulk SMS End-to-End Solutions, Bulk SMS Reseller Platform, SMS Gateway API Integrations, International SMS Services and International SMS Service in India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Sending Bulk SMS is the easiest way to promote your business or product they based on web. They are the marketing services. SMS is the most important featured all over the world.

There are many sources to promote and advertise your business like television and many more but the easiest and cheapest way is the SMS services through SMS you can explain whatever you want to tell about your business.

In modern world mobile is the most common and usable thing for everyone. We'll promise you guaranteed delivered message do one click and you get many customers.

Our bulk SMS is based on bulk mobile messaging software that can used to send unlimited bulk SMS from your PC, laptop and from your mobile handset also. Through bulk SMS you can send SMS to many people at single time they also save your time.

They are useful applications for example customer feedback, voting and marketing etc..SMS is the greatest way to express your feelings, though. Our quality and performance is the best we will do the hard work and do our business with honesty.

We know that every different company has a unique requirement.We are a leading bulk SMS provider & provide bulk SMS sender & cheap bulk SMS to all international mobiles. Bulk SMS service is useful for you.

SMS is the great way to communicate across India and all over the world. Our company offers an SMS service at low cost. SMS deals offer heavy campaigners for dedicated routes. We are adequate to fulfill your project requirement. All the time we are attentive for your business objective. You can send messages in Hindi and many languages also. Install the software and start sending SMS's.

Bulk SMS Providers

Life without our palmtops, handhelds and cellular phones would probably be unimaginable in today's time. Is checking your email, surfing the Internet and accessing information the only activities to do on your swanky phone? Whether a smartphone or not, you device will always support the conventional Short Messaging Service (SMS). Cheap Bulk SMS Services have multiple applications for businesses, such as issuing immediate alerts to staff, sharing important information with key customers or suppliers? delivered to the right place at the right time. KAP System is among the largest Indian Bulk SMS Providers and also offers services including Short Code Services, Long Code Services, Free SMS Services, etc.

International Bulk SMS

Kapsystem International Bulk SMS Solutions are the most efficient and cost-effective means to communicate with your audience. Our services are reliable and cover an expanse of more than 240 countries and 1500 operators Contact us to know more about our Bulk SMS Service or Bulk SMS Campaign. Marketing your product was never this convenient and pocket-friendly. You can also request a Call Me Back for tailoring the right kind of Bulk SMS Service to meet your specific targets.

If you want to build up your own International SMS business we can help you. Now you can get connected with other world by doing a simple step just send bulk messages.
Our Company is always leads in sending bulk SMS's to the worldwide compared to another company. Our international bulk SMS service gives you a sure delivery of the message, the message is delivered in seconds.

We have strong and good connection to the entire world, you can send messages even you don't have mobile in this condition also you can send messages.
Our company will provide you best and simple ways for sending messages to promote your business, If you do business with us your business has rapidly spread all over the world.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of sending bulk SMS's all over the world at low prices, we involve all your needs. Through messages you always get reached all the customers.
We provide you nding and delivery of messages; we provide you SMS schedule facility also. You can send many messages at one time this can save your time.

One single click and you can send messages at affordable prices.
You can send messages in many languages, English and Hindi language is the main language.You can also send single or group SMS's through the net.

Leave the mobiles small keypad and send messages from computer, but yes, You can send messages from your mobile also.

Bulk SMS Reseller Packages

For those of you, who wish to become SMS reseller provider, you need to get in touch with us - KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we have not only designed and deployed an incredible enterprise messaging platform, but also manage to create coalitions with several international SMSCs.

The SMS reseller gateway is able to work to efficiently, because we have utilized a prefix based routing system. This allows us to cover and serve close to 600 networks globally.

If you are a SMS reseller India, then you will be happy to know that by joining forces with us, you will be able to have access to a system that allows you to send messages, all over the world, while spending a truly nominal amount.

Using our reseller gateway, you will enjoy high speeds and even greater capacities, to send messages globally and in bulk amounts. We will also link you with multiple interface, such as HTTP, SMPP and DLL as well as the free desktop API.

We provide complete service development and integration related aid to our customers, which ensures that they are able to function properly. In addition to that, each SMS gateway reseller will receive live and 24*7 support. We also ensure that bulk SMS resellers also receive complete customer care, as do the end users.

Bulk SMS Features

Saves Time - Bulk SMS service is the very easiest way to save your time and get maximum profit in your business. We make your work easier and interested. If you send bulk SMS they save your time because in seconds you can send thousands of SMS'sthis make a huge profit in your business.

Fast Delivery - When you send bulk message your messages delivered fast and you get confirmation delivery in seconds. They reduce your time Our Company is the fastest speed of sending message to all nations and on every network.

Affordable Price - Now you can send bulk SMS at an affordable price so you can spread your business by doing SMS as the price you can afford. Pay lowest price and get huge profit in your business. Sending bulk message is promoting your business and they are cheaper.

Single Click - Do single click and you can send thousands of SMS's all over the world wherever you want. This makes you and your business a huge profit. Messaging is the easier way to get in touch with your customers. One click and you can do SMS marketing. Single click and you can send thousands of SMS's and you can reach many customers.

Pay Per SMS Only - You have to pay only for the SMS's you do. You don't have to pay extra charges No monthly charges. If you purchase messages from us you have to pay thesame price whether you are sending SMS to in India or in U.K the same price you had to pay.We'll give you premium support without any extra cost. No need to pay extra costs on festivals also.

Easiest Way - It is the easiest way to send messages and to spread your business all over the world. From your home or somewhere else you can send messages easily only network connection is required for Sending SMS's. They will promote your business and you get huge profit in your business.

Saves Money - Instead of Sending letters or some other things to your customer, sending bulk SMS service is a good idea and saves money.

  1. Single SMS Delivery
  2. SMS Delivery
  3. Address Book
  4. Group SMS
  5. Log Report & Delivery Report
  6. Monthly Summary Report
  1. Scheduling SMS
  2. 50-100 SMS / Sec through-put
  3. Total server through-put is 100-200 SMS/ sec
  4. WAP Push / Long Text capability
  5. SMPP/ HTTP/ UCP Connectivity